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As a player, tagup offers you a centralized experience, a single stop for everything you need to optimize your career. At our core we are driven by individualization, and that means delivering a universal tool that will benefit every player at every level. tagup is the top social site for softball players, giving players a space to upload and share their plays and connect with players, coaches, and recruits. This is your sport; we have built the space it deserves. Welcome home.

User Management Software

ALL the features you need to manage your softball season, with NONE of the cost. This one is on the house.

Video Management Software

You don’t have to choose between high quality, time efficient, and cost effective video management. Get all three and more.

Promotion Management Software

Promotion to match your devotion!  Tired of writing and sending emails to hundreds of schools?  tagupPMS is fully automated, and allows you to broadcast your profile and media with no limits.

Website Management Software

Free with any paid subscription! Fill in your tagup registration, and we will fill up your website. ALL of your information and content updated to your site in real time.

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You’ll never see a better pitch!

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Partnering with over 6,000+ teams to offer a comprehensive platform that enhances management and promotes growth.

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Games & Playlists

Featuring over 40,000+ games and playlists, providing valuable insights and aiding in the strategic development of players and teams.

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Bringing together 100,000+ members to build a thriving softball community, encouraging engagement and collaborative growth.

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Boasting 300,000+ videos, our extensive library supports player engagement and offers in-depth performance analytics.