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Commitment Day

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* The only kind of catch we believe in happens on the field.

Welcome to Commitment Day

Our commitment to your program started over three years ago, with the goal to create an online space that would change athletics. Since our inception, we have worked relentlessly, with your program in mind, to develop technology that will optimize every facet of your game.

After accumulating over 30,000 videos in our beta trial, we are confident that we have set the foundation for the future, but we are still working, still growing, and still getting better. Now, we are extending an invitation for your team to commit to tagup, so we can continue to build together.

All content captured on the tagupCam Sports Capture mobile app.

What is tagup?

How can my program, players and future prospects benefit from this?

tagup is the Social Sports Showcase built to maximize exposure, networking, and communication; fueled by the tagupCam app that captures, instantly merges, dynamically titles, and uploads game footage, equipped with hundreds of filters and search algorithms, and designed to provide a single online space dedicated to giving you, your team, and your sport the online space it deserves.

Where's the catch?

The only kind of catch we believe in happens on the field.

We know you are looking, but there is no hidden fee trickery with tagup. Unlike many of the fully-funded companies in our field, tagup is a self-funded startup company, and we have put together an innovative, yet cost-effective, game plan that would earn a nod from Billy Beane himself. Since our start, we have invested heavily in technology that will allow you and your program to better invest your time, on the diamond and in the film room, by designing an app and a site that refines the monotonous and meager state of sports recording.

While our specialization is grounded in optimizing in video and exposure, we refuse to be a one hit wonder. Our ultimate goal is to provide a complete online ecosystem, where every member, at every level, of the softball community has the opportunity to enhance their game through tagup. We believe that truly groundbreaking innovation is rooted in accessibility, affordability and connectivity, so we have built our system to inspire online interdependence among individuals like yourself, for the betterment of the softball community as a whole. We are working every day towards our goal to make tagup the best it can be, and you know what they say about the best things in life. Join the tagup team today!

Collegiate Bundle

You wear 'two hats', coach and recruiter, so, we thought you deserve two plans for free!

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Better research, Better analysis, Better players, Better practice, Better team.

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