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Rebooting your Recruiting with tagup

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the landscape for athletic competition and exposure and has drastically changed. Due to the extension of the dead period, athletes and recruiters alike are finding that they will have to commit to utilizing online platforms like never before. For many, this may seem like a challenge, but the Beverley Bandits have decided to remain proactive and integrate their team with tagup’s exposure and recruiting platform. By doing this, the Bandit’s give college programs facing the challenges of travel the opportunity to view everything they do on the diamond from their mobile device or desktop. Best of all, tagup offers free tools tailor-made to optimize the way recruiters find, watch, and analyze game film. Start following the Beverley Bandits, and the many teams they are competing with this summer for free on tagup, and show that your college recruiting is ready to make its comeback from COVID.

Why tagup Works

Research, Review, Recruit

For over three years our team has refined an effective process for recruiters, that is powered by easy to use technology. With over 30,000 uploaded in only our beta trial, we are ready!

Part 1: Research players using tagupDashboard, then find their film through tagupShowcase.
tagupDashboard equips recruiters with a database searchable by players’ most pertinent information. Recruiters can then search the tagupShowcase for plays players have posted.

Part 2: Review players’ film from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
tagup’s patented pitch-by-pitch format allows recruiters to make the most of their time by delivering a fast and efficient way of viewing players’ film.

Part 3: Start recruiting!
Move through your recruiting process by following players, and then adding them to your watchlist, prospect list, and commitment list.

The first part of our process ensures that researching players will be easier than ever by giving you a living database that is equipped with dynamic search engines and algorithms, so you can find the exact players you are looking for. Want to see every strikeout from left-handed pitchers that live in Arkansas with a 4.0 GPA graduating in 2021? No problem! The second part of our process gives you the ability to view the game like never before. With our pitch-by-pitch viewing format and features like tagupBolt and tagupVUE, tagup turns a full day at the field into a game film that can be reviewed in seconds. The third part of our process provides you the opportunity to move through your recruiting process once you have found a player that has caught your attention by following them and then adding them to your watchlist, prospect, list, and commitment list. This gives you a platform to stay up-to-date and connected to your prospects.

We are certain you will not find anything like tagup. We are on a mission to optimize softball for players at every level, parents, coaches, and recruiters. That is why our team at tagup works, and that is why tagup will work for you.

Searching for that diamond in the rough?

tagup delivers the diamonds to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The athlete database that allows you to filter by GPA, ACT, SAT, state, status, bats/throws, primary position, secondary position, grad year, and summer team.

Presenting the next-gen digital exposure & recruiting platform. Search our video database by user type, users, graduation year, player status, offense, and defense.

The only way to watch a replay of a sports game. Every pitch, every batter, every play. You’ll never view a game the same way.

Focused on Pitchers, Infielders, Catchers, Baserunners?

Up to 12, dynamic, auto-generated playlists built for every type of play or situation.

You record your game, and we’ll create all this for you.

The Process

Player Talent, Our Tech, Your Recruiting Expertise


Open your free account, and we’ll give you a place to call your own. A dedicated channel, profile, playlists, gear and more.


Capture your plays with the tagupCam app, pitch by pitch, and they will be uploaded to your channel in real-time.



tagup your plays with over 90+ tagups. This is now available directly on the tagupCam app and website as well.


Now that you have used tagupPlays, your videos will show up in tagupShowcase, tagupLeaderboard and tagupElite.


Click the ‘rocket’ icon on any video, enter launch mode. Select schools to send your video, and press the red button.

tagupSoftball Software Extensions

Get more Attention with these Extensions

Instantly bolt to the blockbuster moment, giving you more action in less time. Watch a complete game of highlights, in as little as 5 minutes!

Your very own channel to showcase your talents. Equipping you with a highly customizable view of your videos, playlists, games, favorites, and discussions.

There’s never been a better backup! All your playlists,  games and videos, are safe, up to date, and available wherever you are. Best of all, it works automatically.

The athlete database that allows you to filter by GPA, ACT, SAT, state, status, bats/throws, primary position, secondary position, grad year, and summer team.

The roadmap to recruiting for all levels, all conferences, and all states. Take charge of your future by finding information, reaching out, and making connections.

Custom ranking lists for Offensive and Defensive tagups. Filter your search by state, primary position, graduation year, and player status.

Real-time notifications for FREE. Know when people engage with your page. See all your views, comments, and more; right when they happen.

On a mission for recognition? tagupPlays is the key to feeding your channel, and solidifying your status as a must-see athlete. Over 90+ tagups

A complete and customizable profile. Giving you the space to display your player info, status, school info, academic resume, travel/club info, and social media.

The promotion that matches your devotion. Send your best moments to the next level, and grab your dream team’s attention with tagupPromote.

Presenting the nextgen digital exposure & recruiting platform. Search our video database by user type, users, graduation year, player status, offense, and defense.

First impressions are everything. With tagupSpotlight, you can ‘pin’ any video to your channel so it’s the first thing people see.

Didn’t use tagupCam? tagupTransfer is the answer. Give all your tape the tagup treatment, and transfer your uncut footage into tagup’s efficient viewing experience.

Bring your roster management into the digital era. Instantly connect tagup users with your team account and every player profile on your team.

The only way to watch a replay of a sports game. Every pitch, every batter, every play. View a complete highlight version of the game in around only 20 minutes.

Catch Every Moment

The mobile app built exclusively for use with the tagup Social Sports Network.



Pitch by Pitch, dynamically merged into one At Bat.


tag your Plays right from the App with over 90+ tagups.


Descriptive titles generated on the fly for your plays.


Automatically uploaded to your channel in real-time.

tagupCam is regularly $99.99, now free until further notice.

All footage was captured the tagupCam mobile app for the Softball Edition of tagup.

tagupCam Mobile App Extensions

The Extensions that Add Dimension to your Game

Re-capture any game from your phone. Simply upload the video, and use tagupCam to capture the game, and get it in the tagup ecosystem.

Set up your shot and pop a squat.  Get off your feet and back to your seat with tagupDirector.  Bluetooth remote to operate, not included.

tagupCam Features, GoPro Camera.  All the features of tagupCam, now available with the best sports action camera.  Currently available in beta.

An instant introduction to any team. Full team rosters uploaded to your phone so you can swipe, and instantly follow or add to your prospect list.

Post your personality with a personal video intro. Give the tagup community an inside look at what makes your journey your own.


Instant Introduction To Any Team

Full team rosters uploaded to your phone so you can swipe, and instantly follow or add to your prospect list.


Scan the tagupQR code to load the complete roster and coaches.


Swipe through, until you find the player you are interested in.


Click follow, and we will add them to your tagupWatchlist.

Recruiter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to register as a recruiter?

No.  Recruiters are free on the tagup system.

How do I register as a recruiter?

To register as a recruiter, you must register your team on tagupsoftball.com.  There is no cost to register your team, as you can sign up for the teamFree plan.  You will have two accounts, a coach account, and a team account.

Please click here to register.

Can I use all these products and services for my own college team?

Yes, they are all available for colleges as well.  Please click here to view our plans.

What is tagupDashboard?

Our online athlete database.  You can search by GPA, ACT, SAT, State, Status, Bats/Throws, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Grad Year, Summer Team. Your Pipeline to Every Player

What is tagupShowcase?

Next-Gen video database. Once you find the player you would like to research, you can now search our video database and watch them in real action.  Search by User Type, Users, Graduation Year, Player Status, Offense and Defense. Exponentially increasing your reach.

Can I use tagupCam to record my own practice?

Absolutely.  We have a lot of colleges that were recording practice, for later evaluation.  This is one of the great features of tagup.  No more wasting time editing film.  Walk off the field, and into your office, and begin reviewing drills and custom playlists  you created on the fly with tagupCam.

Can I record potential recruits with tagupCam while at a tournament?

Yes.  You can do this by selecting your ‘Coach’ toggle, instead of your ‘Team’ toggle.  This will put all the plays you record on your channel, for private viewing.  Plays are automatically uploaded directly to your channel, where you can evaluate later, and share with your staff.

What is the cost to add my team to tagupSoftball?

The cost is based on the amount of players on your roster.  It is $99.99 per player, if players sign up individually.  If you register as a team, you will receive a 25% discount, per player.

A roster of 18 would normally be $1,799.92, and with the team discount, is $1,349.82

Click here to view all the features you would receive.

What is the cost to register as a recruiter on tagupSoftball?

FREE.  There is no cost to be a recruiter on tagupSoftball.

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