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Our platform offers individual players a personalized experience to track progress, showcase talents, and access advanced tools for development. Tailored to support each player’s unique path, our services enhance exposure, skill development, and understanding of the game, ensuring every player has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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A thorough overview encapsulating both personal background and playing specifics, creating a holistic player narrative.


A complete and organized compilation of upcoming games, practices, and significant events, facilitating easy tracking.


A dedicated space for personal media, including videos and interviews, allowing players to showcase their journey.


Carefully selected video highlights and skill demonstrations, providing a visual representation of the player’s abilities.


Detailed statistical analysis and performance metrics, offering a data-driven insight into the player’s progress and potential.


A personal assessment from the head coach, reflecting on the player’s skills, development, and impact on the team.


A detailed list of preferred sporting equipment and gear, highlighting the player’s choices and requirements.

Uniform Sizing

Player-entered sizing information to ensure accurate and streamlined apparel ordering for teams and coaches.

Event Reports

Comprehensive summaries of the player’s participation and achievements in events, providing an overarching view of their performance.

Player Testemonials

Personal Stories of Triumph and Transformation

Discover the personal journeys of athletes who have excelled and grown through their engagement with our services.

"I have used tagup for years and there’s no other service that could have helped me showcase the time and hard work I have put into my game better than they have. I LOVE how easy it is to have all my plays and workouts organized in one space.",

Addie DeLong, Beverly Bandits
Florida State Commit
“Tagup has helped me highlight my journey through softball in so many ways. From game day interviews to custom playlists, this service made me feel like a next level athlete. I’m always so proud to show off my tagup channel!"

Audrey Lowry, Tennessee Mojo
Oklahoma Commit
“There are a lot of options out there to help get exposure, but all of them feel like your doing your homework right before you have to turn it in. tagup gave me the tools to build a complete, growing video resume to send recruiters to throughout my recruiting process."
Allie Goodwin, Indiana Magic Gold
Princeton Commit

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Partnering with over 6,000+ teams to offer a comprehensive platform that enhances management and promotes growth.

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Boasting 300,000+ videos, our extensive library supports player engagement and offers in-depth performance analytics.