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Up at 3am, drive 6 hours, 4 games. Rise, Grind, tagup, Shine.

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As a player, tagup offers you a centralized experience, a single stop for everything you need to optimize your career. At our core we are driven by individualization, and that means delivering a universal tool that will benefit every player at every level. tagup is the top social site for athletes, giving players a space to upload and share their plays and connect with players, coaches, and recruits. This is your sport; we have built the space it deserves. Welcome home.

Pay it forward. Play it forward.

Success through failure for the tagup community.

Not only does recording and uploading EVERY play allow you to analyze and learn from your mistakes, but also gives other players an opportunity to tagup and shine, without leaving a blemish on your profile. All game film has value to someone, always help your community and yourself and spread the wealth. The cornerstone for tagup success is our positive community. We have constructed a network in which all players can benefit from as much content uploaded as possible. This means being able to tagup in videos shot by multiple different sources. One the of the major turning points of tagup is our ability to allow players to take advantage of all content uploaded, while protecting players from negative or undesired exposure.

"The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.”
-Phil Jackson

When you join tagup, you become an essential part of our team. One of the prime components that separates tagup’s team from any other is the social role its members play in the process of promotion. Get social, be social, and stay social by uploading and engaging with your tagup teammates. Received a like? Give a like! Received a share? Give a share! Didn’t have a great game? Upload anyways! You might have captured a spectacular moment for another player to tagup. At our core, we believe that real strength stems from teamwork; individuals coming together to succeed. This is the heartbeat of tagup, and though we may wear different uniforms, we are all on the same team. #teamtagup



The odds of a player making an NCAA roster are 63:1

1.63% of you will make a DI Softball team.

98.37% will not.

1.57% of you will make a DII Softball team.

98.43% will not.

2.01% of you will make a DIII Softball team.

97.99% will not.


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Softball data provided by Scholarship Stats


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Softball data provided by Scholarship Stats

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