Nicki G. Classic powered by Top Gun Events

Top Gun Events was ecstatic to be chosen as the host company for the Nicki G. Classic for 2023. The Nicki G. Classic honors Nicki Glatter. Glatter passed away December 9, 2014 from cervical cancer. For the past nine years, Ryan Glatter, husband of Nicki, has hosted the Nicki G. Classic on Mother’s Day in her honor and founded the Nicki G. Foundation. In the past nine years, 17 scholarships have been awarded by the Nicki G. Foundation to players competing in the event. Teams participating in the tournament will wear jerseys donning the #19 on the back in honor of Nicki G., teams are also encouraged to wear a color of their choice in representation of a type of cancer that may have impact someone on their team, or someone close to the team.

This year, the Nicki G. Foundation will host the the First Annual Nicki G. Foundation Blood Drive on Sunday, May 14th, from 9:00am-3:00pm at Westchester Fields.

The Nicki G. Classic will host some of the top teams in the region in a 14u division and a combined 16u/18u division (HS), view teams attending.


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