The start of the 2025 recruiting process is nearly here. Important thing to remember, September 1st is just the start! Many opportunities will occur over the next 12-months, and it may be a rollercoaster. What happens tonight or tomorrow does not define you as a student athlete, only a small percent will be contacted over the next 10-days.


That being said, here is how you can prepare and enjoy the journey!

  • Phone Voicemail: Make sure you establish a professional voicemail recording that includes name and greeting.
  • Email: Check your email daily at a minimum
  • Social Media: Think before you post, I would not recommend mentioning any school or coach regarding contact.
  • Journal: I would recommend a notebook to record all contact, document the following;
    • Date
    • College
    • Coach
    • Type of contact: Email, Text, Voicemail, Call
    • Topics of discussion
    • Next step
  • Calendar: Have a calendar with your schedule for September, October, November
  • Academics: Have an idea of your intended major, your GPA through Sophomore year, and ACT or when you plan to take the ACT

This is going to make the process much easier as you will have all the information you need when reviewing discussions.


Keep in mind, many coaches no longer contact on 9/1, but rather wait to avoid the clutter!


Here is a real-life example of the process; Suzi Q was contacted by X and Y schools in September of 2022, they and others have been a rollercoaster. However, in the last 5-weeks she has been contacted by multiple schools, went on 4 visits, and has great offers from School 1, School 2, School 3, etc.


Enjoy the Journey!

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