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All content was was recorded with the tagupCam Sports Capture Mobile App.

Why tagup Works

Research, Review, Recruit

For over three years our team has refined an effective process for recruiters, that is powered by easy to use technology. With over 60,000 uploaded in only our beta trial, we are ready!

Part 1: Research players using tagupDashboard, then find their film through tagupShowcase.
tagupDashboard equips recruiters with a database searchable by players’ most pertinent information. Recruiters can then search the tagupShowcase for plays players have posted.

Part 2: Review players’ film from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
tagup’s patented pitch-by-pitch format allows recruiters to make the most of their time by delivering a fast and efficient way of viewing players’ film.

Part 3: Start recruiting!
Move through your recruiting process by following players, and then adding them to your watchlist, prospect list, and commitment list.

The first part of our process ensures that researching players will be easier than ever by giving you a living database that is equipped with dynamic search engines and algorithms, so you can find the exact players you are looking for. Want to see every strikeout from left-handed pitchers that live in Arkansas with a 4.0 GPA graduating in 2021? No problem! The second part of our process gives you the ability to view the game like never before. With our pitch-by-pitch viewing format and features like tagupPayoff and tagupVUE, tagup turns a full day at the field into a game film that can be reviewed in seconds. The third part of our process provides you the opportunity to move through your recruiting process once you have found a player that has caught your attention by following them and then adding them to your watchlist, prospect, list, and commitment list. This gives you a platform to stay up-to-date and connected to your prospects.

We are certain you will not find anything like tagup. We are on a mission to optimize softball for players at every level, parents, coaches, and recruiters. That is why our team at tagup works, and that is why tagup will work for you.

Searching for that diamond in the rough?

tagup delivers the diamonds to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The athlete database that allows you to filter by GPA, ACT, SAT, state, status, bats/throws, primary position, secondary position, grad year, and summer team.

Presenting the next-gen digital exposure & recruiting platform. Search our video database by user type, users, graduation year, player status, offense, and defense.

The only way to watch a replay of a sports game. Every pitch, every batter, every play. You’ll never view a game the same way.

The Process

Player Talent, Our Tech, Your Recruiting Expertise


Eliminate the ambiguity from recruiting by customizing your profile to communicate who you are, what you are looking for, and why your program is worth paying attention to.


The App is not just for players! Record clips from practices and games to aid in your evaluation process, celebrate new signees, or show first hand how amazing your program is. iOS & Android.



Transform your scouting process through our tagup feature. Film your recruit, or find your recruit through our search engine and tagup up to create highly organized private playlists that you can analyze and review.


All players on tagup can be found through the tagupDashboard search engine. Equipped with eleven different filters, tagupDashboard allows recruiters to make their search as broad or focused as they want, find the players they need, and add them to their player watchlist.


Upgrade your scouting with our premium video play database, equipped with over 100 algorithms and filters to strengthen your search for players nationwide. Our showcase provides you with endless content, presented clearly, with the ability to easily manage.

Catch Every Moment

The mobile app built exclusively for use with the tagup Social Sports Network.



Pitch by Pitch, dynamically merged into one At Bat.


tag your Plays right from the App with over 90+ tagups.


Descriptive titles generated on the fly for your plays.


Automatically uploaded to your channel in real-time.

tagupCam is regularly $99.99, now free until further notice.

All footage was captured the tagupCam mobile app for the Softball Edition of tagup.


Instant Introduction To Any Team

Full team rosters uploaded to your phone so you can swipe, and instantly follow or add to your prospect list.


Scan the tagupQR code to load the complete roster and coaches.


Swipe through, until you find the player you are interested in.


Click follow, and we will add them to your tagupWatchlist.

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