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2021 October Showcase


*tourneyPass will expire 7 days after the completion of the tournament.  At the end of the promotion, subscriptions return to the teamFree plan.

Why tagup Works

Capture, tagup, Promote!

tagup works because for over three years our team has refined an effective process, that is powered by easy to use technology.  With over 90,000+ videos on our site already, we are taking recruiting and exposure to the next level.

Step 1: Capture Pitch by Pitch Content with the tagupCam app.
Pitches are merged into ‘At Bat’s, and automatically uploaded to your channel in real-time.

Step 2: tagup plays
Over 90+ tagups to showcase your skills.

Step 3: Follow, Share, and Promote
Get social, and get discovered.

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Registration Walk-Through

Please follow these step by step instructions.


1. Registration

Click ‘Register’

Select your user type:  ‘Team’

What kind of team are you?  Select ‘Travel/Club’


We will update your account with your free tourneyPass within 8 hours.


2. Enter you Roster

Manually, one by one

Click here to watch a tutorial

From spreadsheet

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Apple Setup (Recommended)

iPhone – tagupCam Mobile App – Apple Watch, or Bluetooth Remote

This is the preferred setup for using tagup.  Mount your phone on the fence and take a seat.  Control the tagupCam app from your Apple watch or bluetooth remote, by clicking start/stop and end at bat.  If you are using an Apple watch, you will can even track the count and score as well.  Plays upload to your channel in real-time.



Apple Watch (Recommended)


AB Shutter


Android Setup (Option 2)

Android – tagupCam Mobile App – Bluetooth Remote

If your an Android user, we’ve got you covered as well.  Currently, there is no watch compatibility, but will be coming soon with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 running the new Wear OS.  Until then, we have integrated control with the AB Shutter bluetooth remote.  Count and Score are not available with this option



AB Shutter


Any Phone (Option 3)

Apple – Android – tagupCapture

Another great option is to simply use your phones native video recorder.  Make sure you have enough space to do this, as one game can take 10GB – 15GB.  Also, put your phone in ‘airplane’ mode so your recording is not interrupted.  A backup battery can also be helpful if you are playing several games.



Action Camera (Option 4)

Action Camera of Your Choice – tagupCapture

Want to recapture the game in the comfort of your home?  Then, an action camera and the tagupCapture is the ticket.  Upload the game on your iPad, and watch it back just like you were at the field.  Start/stop, end at bat, use tagupPlays, and all plays are instantly uploaded to your channel.

Action Camera


Action Camera


Catch Every Moment

The mobile app built exclusively for use with the tagup Social Sports Network.



Pitch by Pitch, dynamically merged into one At Bat.


tag your Plays right from the App with over 90+ tagups.


Descriptive titles generated on the fly for your plays.


Automatically uploaded to your channel in real-time.

tagupCam is regularly $99.99, now free until further notice.

All footage was captured the tagupCam mobile app for the Softball Edition of tagup.

Our Tech, Three Steps, and You’re In

Download the App and get your film rolling!

1. Login tagupCam

Swipe to select your sport, then enter your login credentials.

2. Select Sport

Use the toggle to select whether you will post to your Summer or School Team.

3. Select Season

Select which type of content you will capture for your tagupChannel.

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