The First Social Sports Showcase

Mobile Capture App

iOS Beta 1.2 (20), Android Beta 1.0 (9.2)

Baseball Showcase

Beta 9.8.0

Softball Showcase

Beta 9.8.0

Coming Q1 2020

Alpha 1.8

The Process

Any play, any time, anywhere; fielded and relayed directly to your channel.


Create your profile. Sections for Player Info, Player Status, School Info, Academic Info, Summer Team Info, Player Gear


Download the App. Developed exclusively for tagup for iOS & Android to capture your live action Plays.



tagup your plays. Offensively: Hit Type, Result, On the Bases. Defensively: Position, Hit Type, Result & On the Bases.


Grow your followers. Showcase your talents. Create custom titles. tagup your plays and share on social media.


Maximum exposure from video play database for Coaches and Recruiters that includes over 100+ algorithms and filters.

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